V-PUMP .... The Water Powered Water Pump

It’s a featherweight, pocket-sized piece of molded plastic that uses only the power of a garden hose to pump 1,200 gallons per hour and force fluids up and out to a discharge height of up to 40 vertical feet.  Meaning, dude…it don’t matter how deep your pool or flooded basement is…it’ll work.

And while V-PUMP easily matches the performance of many mechanical water pumps under ideal conditions, it actually out performs many more when it comes to debris-filled ponds, mud holes, flooded basements, soupy crawlspaces or whatever other wet and sludgy challenge you might be faced with.

For those who will never have a need for a tool box, let alone a water pump, then the V-PUMP is just a piece of plastic.  But for property owners, boaters, maintenance engineers, landscapers, contractors, handymen and the like…it’s a wet dream.

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