Point 65N° Modular Kayaks --- Solo & Tandem +

Before these game-changing Point 65N° Modular Kayaks came on the scene, paddlers could typically end up buying several recreational yaks and roof racks as their needs, wants and destinations changed.

But now paddlers have a masterfully simple, fully functional, all-in-one kayak design that offers both performance and, obviously, a much easier transport solution.  Perhaps gone now are the days of manhandling heavy plastic totem poles on to and off vehicles roofs, and awkwardly slogging them to and from the water’s edge.

While the modular yak concept is not new, this quick interlocking design represents one of the most user-friendly formulas thus far.  And it’s not only a real water-worthy solo or tandem …but it’s also a jumbo multi-person Dragon Boat if you want it to be.  Just add on more sit-in or sit-on-top cockpit sections and your whole tribe can paddle along.

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