ElZetta Ultra-Tough LEDs --- Tactical/Self-Defense

*****EDITOR'S PICK*****

Some people take flashlights for granted.  We take them seriously.  For us, virtual indestructibility is as important as light output and run time.  Why? You know, for when you might have to throw a beat down on whoever or whatever is prowling around in your garage.  For the general abuse your gear typically gets put through.  Or for when you don’t have a hammer. 

While many designs look and claim to be able to multitask as flashlight, blunt weapon, weapons-grade targeting light, impact or survival tool…it’s inevitable that some will be tougher than others…and others that simply win hands down.
The MMBG Kick Ass & Take Name Award goes to the Elzetta ZFL-M60 Tactical LED Flashlight.  It’s impressive that you can drive nails all day long with it, and that its design and innards takes “waterproof” to a new standard.  But what really wowed us was watching this torch get mercilessly savaged against an iron plate and shot multiple times, only to refuse to die.

Combine that crazy-toughness with a range of advanced features and functions and what you’ve got is, quite possibly, the only flashlight you’re going to ever want to need.

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