SteriPEN UV Water Purification Products

Getting medevaced out of the wilderness because you got injured makes for a good war story at the lodge.  But, getting dragged out of the bush because you got sick as dog from drinking untreated stream water is likely to get you branded as a knucklehead.

And just because everyone else in the resort hotel seems comfortable buying locally bottled water, that doesn't mean you're not going to spend the rest of your dream vacation on the toilet.    

When in doubt, whip it out. “It” being any one of SteriPEN’s compact, durable and 99.9% effective UV Water Purification devices.  The few moments spent neutralizing all those bacteria, viruses, and protozoa is likely to help save your butt (forgive the pun) from a host of water-borne illnesses.

Amongst their various models, the Adventure Opti and Journey LCD Pens are understandably very popular, but we’re particularly partial to the Defender Military Model (MIL-DEF-FGB).  To us, the 100+ extra water treatments you get out of this ever so slightly larger model is well worth the extra cost.

Keep in mind though, various water treatment systems, UV or otherwise, can have pros, cons, and limitations depending on your needs and situation.  Heck, even some First World municipalities can’t always get their water perfect.  So do your guts a favor and read up on the options. 

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