Rebounding Exercises --- Mini Trampoline Workouts

How does 68% more efficient than jogging sound?  That’s but one of a great many health and fitness revelations linked to rebounding.  And beyond the original R&D conducted by the US space agency (NASA), subsequent studies and endorsements over the years have served only to strengthen the case for this activity.  So much so, that rebounding exercise easily makes the MMBG list of “Best Things Since Sliced Bread”. 

But don’t take our word for it.  There’s a wealth of info floating around out there that you can check out on your own.  Same goes with choosing a rebounder that’s right for you.  Below are a few that we think break out from the pack in design, quality, and methodology.  But again, there's a lots of other choices and everyone’s got different needs (and budgets), you best figure it out.  Just do yourself a favor and jump to it sooner rather than later.

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