Machete Multi-Tool (Woodsman's Pal / LC-14-B)

Grandpa packed one when he worked for the Forest Service.  His brother Jimbo used one as a lineman for the power company.  Jimbo didn’t take it with him when he shipped out in WWII but, fortunately, Uncle Sam was readily aware of the virtues of the Woodman’s Pal and made haste to issue them as both a multi-tool and a melee weapon.  And that’s been the case ever since.

Yeah, we made Grandpa and Jimbo up…but the serious lineage and multifunctionality of this thing is no lie and no joke.  Over its 70+ year existence, the Woodsman’s Pal has been called a machete, ax, entrenching tool, sickle, hatchet, fighting knife, rescue and survival tool.  And it’s been used in all those capacities and then some.

As testimony to this edged tool’s enduring form and utility, there are similar and almost identical designs on the market.  But these hefty originals are still made in PA with the quality materials, craftsmanship and traditions that made the “LC-14-B” lengendary. 

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PearlmanNate said...

This machete looks more dangerous than ever. Really cool design.