Custom Manufactured Vehicle Window Insect Screens

So you’re not the kind of guy who would mount an insect screen to the front of your vehicle to keep the splattered bug guts off.  To be honest, we here can’t much relate to that nonsense either (no offence).  On the other hand, having insect screens for your vehicle windows and sunroof to keep the buggers out when you’re parked on their tuff makes a lot of good sense.

This is especially true when you can find a magnetic set that does not interfere with either the opening or closing of windows and doors, a set that mounts, dismounts, and stores easily, and a set designed to stay securely on when you’re on the move.  Even better would be a set custom fitted for your specific make and model ride.

If you agree, then be advised that the folks at do just that.  Not only will they custom make your screens, but they will try and custom make screen solutions for more unique window designs (like an old bush 4x4 with hinged glass that opens outwards).

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This is such a great idea. Thanks for the tip!